Quality diagnostics by trusted professionals

Mettasound Veterinary Imaging is a mobile ultrasound and telemedicine company serving small animal veterinarians in the greater Austin region since 2006.  We provide advanced cardiac, abdominal, small parts imaging and ultrasound guidance for fine needle aspirate and core biopsies.

Mettasound is Austin’s only mobile ultrasound service to offer integrated cytopathology services and both abdominal and cardiac imaging. Using the same technology available in human medicine, diagnostic still and video clips obtained by a professional, are sent by telemedicine to board certified cardiologists, radiologists, internists and veterinary practitioners for review. Complete history, laboratory findings and radiographs are also included for the specialist to review along with the ultrasound images.  This allows for enhanced diagnostic efficiency by reducing the need for unnecessary referrals to separate specialists and offering your client the best value.

All exams are performed by ARDMS registered sonographers. The ARDMS is the premier national licensing agency for diagnostic medical sonographers. ARDMS sonographers are highly skilled professionals whose expertise lies in obtaining and analyzing sonographic findings throughout the course of the examination so that a comprehensive exam is completed and sufficient data is provided to the specialist to direct patient management and render a final diagnosis. Robyn Roberts RDMS, founder and owner of Mettasound Veterinary Imaging has close to 15 years of  veterinary specific ultrasound experience. She has has imaged over 16,000 animals in the past 15 years as a staff sonographer for Sound Technologies, Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists and now as owner of Mettasound Veterinary Imaging LLC.

You can be assured that your patients and animal companions will receive a high quality diagnostic scan by the same imaging professionals entrusted to our human family members.